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   I know you've been getting a ton of requests lately, but I just rewatched season 1 and I'm dying for a Michael/Maria gifset of the parallel between Destiny, when they're at the mine and the hybrids are talking about leaving and Maria says no I'm staying with you, and Graduation, when they're getting ready to leave and she says she's going with them. I can't remember if this has already been done, but if not, could you make it when you have the time? THANK YOU!!

omggg, don’t be surprised if I just disregard all the other requests and make this first! lol. I’m just kidding. but srsly, this request gives me such feels I want to gif it right now. I love those scenes so much. I remember almost crying when she said ‘I’m staying with you’ and michael makes this face that’s like…I don’t know. it’s extremely hard to explain. and then he just holds her. man, I will never get enough of those two. thank you! :)