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Anonymous: Oh, maybe Max and Liz were together most of s3 but they were not the same people anymore, & they could have gotten married at the end but it was too late. They were destroyed in MY eyes... I mean, at least Michael did not betrayed Maria in the worst way! ... Yeah, I know, there are many mitigating circumstances for what happened to Max/Liz at the end of s2, but anyway ...

yeah, I don’t think any of them were the same anymore. they all changed a lot in season 3. it would have been nice to see a ‘real’ wedding, like the one isabel had, but still, it was something. well…there was courney, though michael didn’t go through with it ‘cause he found out her secret, but if he hadn’t…I don’t wanna say he would have slept with her like max did with tess, but it could have happened. we’ll never know. anyway, I’ll never forgive max for sleeping with tess just because he thought liz had slept with kyle. 


It’s the 15th anniversary of the premiere for Roswell. This show means so much to me, and I just love it. Don’t want to write so much because I have said it all before, but this show is so much more than a teen show. This show is about love, family, friendships, and all emotions. It’s just so special. 

So this video is not my best but I am proud, like it, and just glad I completed it.. This song is Roswell. For a tribute video it kind of had to be done.Wanted to show the friendships, relationships and just general storylines. So toward the end I focused more on that instead of lyrics, even though I kind of did that in general lol. Hope it comes across well. 

This video is dedicated to Natalia over at guerins (guerins.tumblr.com), she runs a Roswell blog. Seriously she helped me so much with this, she just got me inspired. She helped me with scene choices. She’s a huge Roswell fan. Thanks so much Natalia for your help. :)


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Anonymous: How do you think Kyle felt after Tess died? I think it's shame we have never seen his reaction.

Probably very sad. He did after all vote ‘no’ to killing her. I think he still felt for her. She was like his sister and he was so hurt when she betrayed him, which truly shows how much he cared for her. It’s a shame really. I liked their relationship as siblings, it was very cute.

Anonymous: I see your point, but at least Michael and Maria got not destroyed like unfortunately Max and Liz did, imo.

um, what do you mean by that? totally destroyed? how? they were together for most part of season 3. I mean, sure, after ‘ch-ch-changes’ liz left and he died and she got drunk but then he came back and it was all ok again so…? if you ask me they got a better deal in season 3 than michael and maria. I guess I need to know exactly what you are referring in order to be fair though.

adampascalfan said: It was almost as if they went “hey wait a second..we can’t have the B couple be better functioning than the A couple and we can’t have Michael be a better leader than Max. Let’s fix that.”

EXACTLY. that’s it. that’s what happened. they knew michael&maria were getting better than max&liz (they always were in my eyes tho..) and they couldn’t handle it. probably though the dreamers wouldn’t be able to deal with it. I mean, everyone wants their fav couple to be happy and perfect. the show did revolve mostly around them after all. Still, they mistreated other characters in orther to keep max and liz likeable and that was really unfair and totally unacceptable. 

Anonymous: I always felt the pain of the first part of s2 was diminished by how lovely the last part of s2 was. I felt Michael and Maria had overcome obstacles & grown so much, and that's why s3 was so out of left field. I liked a lot about s3 but Maria was so ooc and Michael was too in the episode after Max died.

well, season 2 was painful from beggining to end for me because of michael, maria and alex. even though ‘cry your name’ is a beautifully made episode it made me so sad, that I’ll never get over it. as for ‘the departure’, I quite love the closure we got and how we could see how far both michael and maria had come in terms of personal growth and relationship develpment. and in season 3 we get a glimpse of that too at the beginning, which is what I like about that season. but then, in ‘behind the music’ there’s too much change, and it’s a breaking point for both characters in my opinion, which is why I think it all went downhill from there, especially for michael. I guess both season weren’t all that bad, but there’s definitely some episodes that I skip when I re-watch because they were just bananas. like, ‘harvest’, ‘surprise’, ‘meet the dupes’, ‘max in the city’, ‘to serve and protect’, ‘off the menu’, ‘control’, ‘interrupts’, ‘panacea’, ‘who died and made you king’ and ‘crash’.

prattsmichaela: hey do you have a torrent for roswell?

check here :)

Anonymous: Hi! Could you do a gifset with Roswell characters as greek gods or godesses? I mean I have seen this greek gods version of Disney characters and for other shows too (mostly with female characters though) , and I think it'd be fun to have one for Roswell too!

omg, of course! this is gonna be so fun to make. though I will probably make it as a picspam and not a gifset. if anyone would like to suggest a particular god for a particular character, let me know ‘cause I don’t want to screw it up, lol.

Anonymous: what do you think about how S3 handled Michael and Maria's relationship? I always took issue with it, but have wanted another's perspective.

oh, god. this is it. the end has come people. and so close to the 15th year anniversary! oh, well, let’s not pretend that haven’t been waiting for this question my whole life - well, maybe not my whole life, but ever since I created this blog- because I have. Season 2 and 3 were filled with pain and disappointment if you ask me. Even though I’ve said that I kinda prefer season 3 over season 2, that’s mostly because season 2 hurt me. A lot. And after all that pain the randomness of season 3 was in a way understandable, plus I was so numb from the pain that I was down for whatever the writers wanted to throw at me. I mean, if I had to put in three words my feelings for each season, it would go as follows: season 1: YES, season 2: no., season 3: whatever. But let’s get to the whole M&M situation and how much it all pissed me off. I’m not gonna talk about S2 and the michael-worshipper that was old enough to be his grandmother and that stupid storyline that was completly unnecessary for the introduction of the evil skins in the plot. Nope. I’m not gonna talk about my utter hatred towards that whole thing ‘cause in my mind it never happened. In season 3, things started off quite well for M&M. So you can see how, as a candy shipper, I was more than pleased to leave the season 2 ‘mickey-g’ debacle behind and concentrate on how Michael was getting his shit together -not only relationship-wise-, becoming a man, facing his responsabillities, and yes, he did screw up sometimes, but he could see when he was making a mistake and he fixed those. he was growing. and that made me happy. and made maria happy too. so, basically, I was in heaven. my ship was growing up, evolving, heck, they were even domestic! they were practically married in my eyes. oh, nothing was gonna fuck all that up. this was how it was gonna end for them. if only. I guess I was blinded by the domestic bliss. of course they had to bring someone to spice things up! Michael had his chance on season 2 so it was maria’s turn now. great. when maria talks about that friend of her coming to roswell, the first thing I thought was: ‘so this guy’s gonna come and michael’s gonna flip and send him packing, right?’. I guess a part of me was looking forward to seeing season 1 michael with all his temperament issues and incontrolable anger. So I was clearly disappointed when nothing happened. only, later on, it did. still, it was maria the one who had to handle the situation and say goodbye to the guy. buy a goodbye kiss? REALLY? ok. so maybe my ship was gonna end up sinking after all and I didn’t even see it coming. how though? HOW?! not even michael saw it coming, and he was half of the relationship, so how in the hell could have I? I can’t explain my love for the episode ‘Samuel Rising’ when it comes to the M&M scenes because I kept thinking, ‘this is it. this is where they get back together and live happily ever after’. haha, think again, sucker. oh, the writers screw with us from here to the moon and then again on the ride over. I honestly thought there was no salvation for those two. Especially after ‘Who died and made you king’, I mean, in my mind that episode doesn’t exist. We do not speak of it in my house. It never fucking happened. Way to throw Michael’s development as a character and M&M’s relationship down the drain. Everything they went through together might as well have never happened after this one scene that broke my heart in a million pieces. I mean, how did we go from ‘I can’t leave you out in the middle of nowhere’ (1x17)


to actually leaving her in the middle of nowhere?


he threatened my life and then shoved me out of a moving vehicle and just left me in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.’ (3x16).

The worst thing about this whole thing was that the writers not only completely erased his development over the seasons, but it wasn’t even the michael from season 1 they were writing, this was a whole different character. and yes, anyone can say that it was the alien tattoo that was making him that way, that it wasn’t really him. nevertheless, why? why did they do that? what was the point? They just wanted the audience to make sense of Max being back? Honestly, it would have been better to go on with the show with Max dead. He would have died a hero or whatever, which was what the writers always wanted people to think of Max. They could have given the show such a good ending with that. I mean, Buffy season 5, anyone? Epic. But no, they had to have him live and make Michael crazy about being the new king and inheriting Max’s abilities to make it even more credible. Oh, the plot went to hell indeed. And then, on top of all the mess they made with ’Who died and made you king’, they went on like nothing really major had happened and continued dealing with alien-y stuff in ‘Crash’ and ‘Four aliens and a baby’ and then, guess what! ‘End of season guys! Let’s wrap it up!’ I honestly had no idea how they were gonna tie all the loose ends in a 40 minute episode. It was gonna be a disaster. In my eyes they needed at least 4 or 5 episodes more before the finale to make it right. And they did the best they could, they really did. And Michael’s speech when saying goodbye to Maria means everything to me, it does. But it’s bittersweet, ‘cause they totally toyed with them from ‘Behind the Music’ to the very end, and that will always, always bother me.  

Did I just do some serious catharsis here? I think so. The thing is, the m&m relationship started off great in season 3 and little by little it unfairly disintegrated until there was no sign of them as a unit, which was so important, not only for the fans, but also for each of them as individuals. Because they were both trying to deal with the lives they had -granted, Michael was probably more lost than Maria- and they figured everything out together, and that process, what they went thought was so meaningful for them, and because of it, they both meant so much to each other. They knew each other so well, they shared things that they had never ever shared with anyone else. Maria was the one who always got to see Michael at his most vulnerable state, and Michael saw in Maria, that he wasn’t so different like he thought, that they were going through the same in the end. They were both scared and they both wanted something, if not better, different from what they had. And that’s why what they did to them mid-season 3 was so outrageous. It just wasn’t possible. Those two characters couldn’t possibly be them, they couldn’t have changed so suddenly.