I was on tumblr search for 'max evans' and watching Roswell on netflix S02E14 at the same time, not really paying attention, when I saw your blog at THE EXACT SAME MOMENT KYLE SAID THE QUOTE FROM YUOR DESCRIPTION AND I FREAKD THE F OUT Oh gawd. Just wanted to share this piece of information with you

OMFG. It was destiny. you were meant to find my blog! LOL. thank you so much for this message, I’m laughing like an idiot here. it’s so weird that happened to you and incredibly funny at the same time. 

'I'm not all right. Max Evans broke my heart. I'm sorry, Sean. I'm really sorry.'


Biggest OTPs of my life (in no particular order): Michael & Maria [Roswell]

"The reason you didn’t get the flashes… is because I didn’t let you get them. I didn’t let you see me. I’ve never let anyone see me before… because.. there are things inside of me that I don’t want people to see. There’s things inside of me that I’m not so proud of. But I’ve thought about it, and I want you to see me."


So this song just screamed them during my re-watch. Finally got around to finishing the video. 

I can’t even lie during my re-watch max pissed me off a lot more than before, but it can’t be helped these two are always going to be otp’s of otp’s for me. 

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30 Day Roswell Challenge: Day 2 - A Character Dancing, Singing etc

 Maria Singing 


Roswell S1.01: Pilot

"You’re not an…an a-alien, I mean…are you?"

"I prefer the term ‘not-of-this-earth’."


Roswell S1.02: The Morning After

"…and every time I walk up to you two, you go silent or make up some ridiculous story about Czechoslovakia; which is a country that has not existed for ten years. So I want the truth, and I want it now.”

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this is so cute! :3 thank you so much, honey!<333